Local Government

Our Local Government Practice covers all your licensing, localism, property and planning needs.

With a track record of delivering for developments worth billions of pounds in investment value; securing planning for some of the most contentious schemes in London and helping developers bring sceptical communities onside, our property and planning services work to give your the best chance at securing consent. 

The localism and devolution agenda has sat at the heart of government since 2010. Our Practice Specialists will help your business navigate these important policies and work with Local and Regional Authorities to get your message across and protect your interests. 

Our Local Government services include:


  • Stakeholder Mapping
    Success at a local government level relies on accurately mapping the community, political and business stakeholders who might influence your plans. We’ll make sure you know who to talk to and what to say – so that you’re building support and goodwill from day one.
  • Political Engagement
    As communities mobilise and organise more effectively, the risk that your application will become bogged down or be denied altogether as a result of local pressure grows. We work closely with politicians from day one to make sure that your proposals fit their wider vision for the area so that you are working with, rather than against, those that will make the decision.
  • Planning Communications
    With strategic city-developments and contentious projects among our successes, you can rest assured Nudge Factory will provide clear, concise and on-message communications to help your plans win local support.
  • Community Consultation
    As communities use social media to organise as never before, meaningful consultation is an increasingly important tool. We can help you reach every part of the community, head off issues before they arise and give you the advice you need to ensure a smooth ride through the planning process.
  • Mobilising Support
    Identifying supporters can mean the difference between success and failure. We will pinpoint the pressure groups and local networks you can work with to help garner support for your proposals.
  • Opinion Research
    Our use of industry-leading techniques, including phone polling, to gather opinion and manage data mean that you can always rely on having the best possible understanding of the area you’re working in.
  • Localism
    The Localism Act 2014 represents a fundamental shift in power away from central government and towards local authorities. Everything from tobacco control policy to health and employment commissioning are now local matters. Our team will help you to identify and make the most of the new opportunities that Localism brings.
  • Licensing
    Licensing applications are always contentious. With our wealth of experience delivering local, issue specific, communications and community engagement campaigns we can ensure that you’re equipped with a sophisticated, multi-layered programme to identify and address issues long before the committee date.

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